Maison Paillot

Henri, Denis, Pierre & Vincent,
in Noyers-sur-Serein, Burgundy.

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Above all, cuisine and wine are a combination of regional specialities, high standards, knowledge and creativity.

14 place de l'hôtel de ville, 89310 Noyers-sur-Serein - France


A down payment of 30% of the quotation is required in order to book the reception.

The outstanding balance will be paid on delivery.

We must be informed of any change in the number of guests, at least five whole days before the event.

Any changes that might occur before the event must be specified on a written and signed document.

Personnel working overtime, extra equipment, and any lost or broken equipment will be charged.

The down payment will remain the property of Maison Paillot in case of cancellations less than 6 days before the event.

          To book, please send us a down payment by cheque and a signed copy of the quotation and terms, thus making the contract binding.

NB : Please write your cheque to the order of Maison Paillot.


Le bureau de la charcuterie

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Maison Paillot, 14 place de l'hôtel de ville, 89310 Noyers-sur-Serein. France.
  +33 (0)3 86 82 82 16